Twitter bots I've made for fun and profit. Okay... just for fun.

Active Bots


MetalBand.exe will generate death/black metal bands and a correspondingly metal logo. The concept is pretty simple but the results often work really well. As an added bonus it will also likely generate an existing band's name at some point. Here's a link directly to the bot as well.


Saves a JPEG 100 times, reducing the quality by one every time, and finally posting the result to Twitter. You can go directly to the bot if you prefer.

Probably A Dog Pic

Pretty simple bot that polls the Flickr search API for images tagged "dogs" and then picks a random result. I made it because I like photos of dogs. The only downside is sometimes the photo doesn't actually have any dogs in it. The bot is here on Twitter if you want it.

MD5 Every Word (link to Twitter)

Inspired by @everyword (and its many similarly inspired ilk), MD5 Every Word will tweet the MD5 hash of every word in the English language in hash sorted order. It tweets every half hour and should finish up in late 2021, by my rough estimate. My favorite aspect of this bot is that it tweets based on pre-compiled list, so I don't actually know which words it's tweeting. I don't know what purpose it serves, but it was pretty easy to make, so there's that, I guess.

Pixel Monster Bot (link to Twitter)

Fun little bot that generates sets of random "monsters", which are actually 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 squares of mirrored pixels. Because we tend to look for faces or familiar shapes in repeating patterns some of them end up looking like little ghosts or aliens or... space invaders... perhaps?

Retired/Disabled Bots

Botgle Stats

Sadly @Botgle has been discontinued due to Twitter's removal of the streaming API, so @BotgleStats died along with it. Here's the original note I wrote on it:

If, like me, you love playing Boggle via Colin Mitchell's Boggle Bot (@Botgle), then BotgleStats will give you all the extra info you need about each game. It displays the board, the best words on it, distributions of words found and unfound based on score, who won and so on. It only replies to Botgle, so you'll have to view replies if you check it out on the Twitter website.

Stentor Bellow (link to Twitter)

Stentor Bellow was an Olivia Taters-alike I made for my own curiosity/amusement. He searched for terms like "is literally", "am actually" and mixed and matched tweets with those words as the bridge. Sometimes it made no sense, and other times it was sage advice. He was retired on January 26th, 2016 mostly because I wasn't sure what to do with him any more.

Fantasy Footbot

Fantasy Footbot simply tweeted lies based on Fantasy Football stats. I don't really know what the point of it was outside of my own amusement. It was kind of hashtag-spammy, but it was a fun experiment since it also replied to people (assuming you asked it a question in the right format) but ultimately it had to die. It lives on forever on Twitter of course (and may some day rise again with a different concept).

Trend Ruiner Bot (link to Twitter)

Takes trending topics and runs them through some Wordnik API stuff (contextual and synonyms, I believe). The result is a weird kind of sarcastic variation on trending topics. Shut down mostly because I didn't think it was super funny.